ADHD & Relationship Coaching, Coach Juli, Personal Business Coach, Time Management Coach

Being married to someone with ADHD, or being that partner with ADHD, often adds a conundrum of challenges to any relationship. Marriage isn’t easy – and marriage when one or both partners have ADHD is downright difficult at times. Coaching can help you both navigate the rough waters and come up with ways to circumvent problems before they erupt. Tired of reminding your spouse to take out the trash only to find it still sitting in the house on pick-up day? Feel like you are talking to a wall at times? Tired of waiting around for your spouse to come home from the office when they say “I’ll be home soon” which turns into hours? Learn not only how ADHD affects a marriage, but how to make those waves of problems turn into little ripples. Relationship coaching can be between a husband and wife, significant others, parent and child, or even between employees. Communication and a clear understanding is necessary and coaching can aid in building that bridge to help you master the skills to be in a satisfying relationship.