Be ReaLISTic!

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Be ReaLISTic!

How many of you make a list of tasks to accomplish and never really check things off that list? Maybe you procrastinate; or perhaps you run out of time; or maybe you don’t like what is on the list and avoidance behaviors set in.

It’s quite possible that is because your list is not ‘reaLISTic’. Until you determine if you have created a list that there is a reasonable chance of completing, you have no chance of having a ‘reaLISTic’ list. So how can you tell if you are setting yourself up for failure, or if you are going to ROCK your day?

  1. Start by making the list the night before – better to know in advance if your tomorrow is realistic or not, right?
  2. Next to each line item, estimate how long each task is presumed to take. Don’t worry, there is no test here, rarely do most people guess accurately each time – a ‘guestimate’ is better than ‘winging it’ – I promise.
  3. Now total up the number of hours and minutes your tasks are presumed to take.

Does the total number exceed the number of waking hours in your day? Oops – that won’t work then. Your list is NOT realistic! You are setting yourself up for failure before you have even woken up. That will not service you no matter how you spin it.

So, how to make the list ‘reaLISTic’ --- take it down a notch (or two) and see where that might put you. (Yes, that translates to moving some tasks OFF your list – just for now, of course).

Coach Juli Be Realistic

Here is the reality:

Regardless of how many tasks you write down to do – there is only a set amount of time you will have to do them in. Making an unrealistic list will take down your self-esteem, add overwhelm, increase frustration, and maybe even cause you to feel depressed. There is truly no reason for you to do that to yourself. Make a REALISTIC list and you have a greater chance of completing what is on it; feeling positive and good about yourself; having elation versus depression, and you could even improve your motivation for the next day and the next one after that!

SOOOO many more POSITIVES than negatives!

So, starting TODAY – be ‘reaLISTic’ and see how that works for you!

Have a Productive Day,
Coach Juli

Sep 14, 2021 Arrow1 Down Reply
David K

Thanks for this article Coach Juli! The two elements that resonate the most for me are:
- The fact that the list itself could trigger "avoidance behaviors"
- How an unrealistic list can impact our overall wellbeing

I'll definitely start creating a daily task list the night before, this sounds great

Jun 24, 2022 Arrow1 Down Reply
S. Kelly

Coach Juli,

Thanks for this information. I'm going to work on creating a more reLISTic list. Doing this, I feel my mind will feel less cluttered, my sleep will improve, and I will have a better chance of getting things done.