College You're Not In High School Anymore!

College You're Not In High School Anymore!

The transition to college can be a difficult one for most students entering a university for the first time. If you are moving away from home, that becomes even more of a challenge, as students are often under-prepared...not academically...but in life and time management.

In the check out line at Kmart I overheard a student who was purchasing two packages of underwear. As he was speaking with the cashier, also a student, I overheard his comment  “I had to run over here and just buy underwear. I just don’t have time to do laundry with finals week coming up. This was faster I figured.” Often this is the case with the majority of the students who don't learn to manage their time properly. Buying underwear at the eleventh hour because you didn’t make time early enough to do your laundry shouldn’t have to be your solution. Making sure your tasks are scheduled properly so that you can have time allocated for studying as well as taking care of yourself can be achieved. This goes for life beyond school too!

As a Professional Productivity Coach working with students, primarily college level and beyond, I have an up close opportunity to hear what is happening, plus the problems encountered consistently among those in college. Understanding the differences you will encounter from what you knew in High School and what will take place in College can help you, the Freshman, navigate your way around easier once school begins. Learning about what takes place on a college campus, how to get involved with activities and groups, in addition to knowing how to succeed in classes all can be figured out before stepping foot on campus.

A skill that can be learned now and utilized once school begins is how to set up and organize your living space. Also you can learn to master scheduling and organizing your life on a day-to-day basis since once you move out, no one is there to do it for you. Once you know how to take responsibility for your academic career, your belongings, your body, and create balance in all areas of your life, you have a significantly greater chance for college success.

Learn what you can do now, as well as over the upcoming summer, that will set you up for greater college success, and life success as well.