College Students

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My feeling - and experience - is this: If you can learn the proper tools to succeed while in college, you stand a greater chance for success in your future career and overall life. College is difficult. If you are one of the many students struggling with time management, organization, scheduling, and staying on task - Coaching during this major change in your life can be a pivotal experience. Are you overwhelmed, stressed, and unsure how to handle all the details college requires? Are you out of balance and good sleep and exercise are a faded memory? Are your grades different than what you expected? Maybe you were at the top of your class in High School and now your prior techniques simply don’t cut it anymore.

My student clients tell me they feel heard and that my non-judgmental style helps them feel accepted and understood. You will never be criticized or taken down despite what may go poorly. I care. I want to help. Everything we discuss is confidential – not even your parents will know what you share. Please read the testimonials on this website to learn more about how I work. I’m passionate about helping students.

For some, the transition to college can be like flying through the air on a trapeze without a safety net. Exhilarating, fast, and freeing --- yet without the right skills, college can be fraught with the fear of falling and failing. Coaching can help you to learn time management, master organizing with the random schedule of college classes and labs, and keep you on top of all the necessary reading. Wouldn’t you be happier knowing how to schedule out the steps of a paper or project, study at the right time for exams, and navigate all the other tasks necessary to help you manage your life better? College success is a time for skill building, self-awareness, and learning. Coaching at this time in your life gives you skills to succeed in academia as well as throughout your entire life. You might want to call me about now…