Group Coaching Program

There are THREE Webinars for you to participate:

1. Organizing

You may have discovered that your organizing isn’t what you had hoped for, and doing it all by yourself isn’t working as fast or effectively as you have wanted – so for you I have created the program:

Orgainizing Group Webinar CoachJuli

2. Time Management At It’s Finest

Some of you may be feeling that your ‘to-do’ list is out of control! You have more days where you feel like you just aren’t getting things done, than you feel you are completely on top of your life and tasks. This program is for YOU!

Time & Life Management Webinar CoachJuli

3. College Students 

And there may be a host of you that are starting College or have gone through a year (or more) and haven’t quite figured it all out yet. Those tactics that worked in High School just aren’t cutting it anymore --- this option is all YOURS:

College Webinar CoachJuli

Each Program is different and since they will be repeated later on with an entirely new group of people, you need not and probably should not take more than one at a time. The intention is for you to truly immerse yourself in the concepts in one at a time so you have results faster.

Simple to Decide: Don’t waver – this is a ‘no-brainer’ because the cost and time investment are both small – so you can do this and take action on your dreams and intentions NOW!


  • A consistent program all laid out for you to count on
  • A fraction of the cost of private coaching
  • The benefit of others dealing with the same issues you are
  • A place to set your intentions alongside others doing the same
  • A safe haven for you to express your problems and concerns


~No more than 12 per group – waiting lists will start after that

~Once you register – I will be in touch with you directly

~Handouts will be emailed as PDF’s to you