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You take my abstract problems and come back with concrete solutions
Andy M.

Juli Talks

Handling ADHD in the workplace - You've got this!

Thousands of adults are being newly diagnosed with ADHD every year. Some of them are probably working for or with you – and perhaps, it IS you. It’s hardly a reason to quit or even worry! There are a number of new ways to handle the challenges of ADHD. As an expert on the topic, I can give companies the confidence that they can train their management and staff how to understand and even gain from the energy of those in their ranks who may have ADHD. There is absolutely no reason to lose a great employee due to disorganization problems, poor communication, and follow-through. And don’t lose your own job because you didn’t find solutions to the problems you are experiencing. Come on in and learn about how ADHD can be understood and managed, and even used as a competitive edge.

Productivity Despite Distractions

With the digital world whirling facts and images at us at blinding speed, it’s almost impossible not to be distracted. This might seem harmless, but recent studies show most people take 15-30 minutes just to recover from an interruption, and most of us are interrupted several times daily. Think how much time we lose each week! Coach Juli will show how to win that time back by sharing the secret techniques of keeping your mind engaged and focused. Distractions not only waste time, they typically make us feel anxious and rob us of job satisfaction. Coach Juli’s innovative methods help people focus, reduce distractions and stay on task. Your staff and your company will greatly benefit from this presentation. Can YOU ignore that next email alert? Past attendees can!

You’ve got Mail….and Mail…

We now spend an average of 28% of our workday handling emails! In this presentation, attendees will learn techniques to reduce time wasted on emails, as well as becoming more productive. They will learn how to properly prioritize the handling of emails quickly and efficiently. Attendees with learn the three “R Rules” of Email Management: Remove it; Respond to it; and Rule over it! If you want to get your inbox down below a 5-digit figure – you want to hear this!

Don’t Waste Your Time! No Really, Stop That!

How many people really stop to figure out what their time is worth? In this presentation, attendees will learn the value of their time and how to properly utilize it. Innovative time-management techniques are taught. They will also learn why the techniques work and why time is the most important resource we have. Although this presentation is for everyone, it is especially important for those who are constantly late to appointments, miss deadlines, lack follow-through skills, or who procrastinate on getting tasks done. Juli will show how wasting time can become a habit of the past.

Balance is like the Perfect Tango

If any of the aforementioned issues are bugging you, now is the time to re-gain your balance, energy and optimism. It’s a great time to gain clarity and power so you are no longer walking around wishing you were somewhere else, doing something else, or worse BEING someone else. Using the metaphor of Argentine Tango dancing to explain the magic of achieving balance in our lives, Coach Juli teaches you the inner techniques that can get you going again. She teaches practical time management practices, and how to build priority lists through simplifying & organizing your day. She shows you how to care for your body and soul, while developing a powerful purpose and direction in your life.

Simplify. Your Life Depends On It.

Why do we have SO much unnecessary stuff??? Stuff gets in the way of living. The burden of holding onto things and NOT simplifying our purpose and mission (even our daily ones) causes emotional stress and countless physical problems. The benefits of having less clutter, far outweighs the benefits of holding onto so much stuff. Coach Juli shows how to make stuff go away! Attendees learn how to simplify their lives so they can become happier, and less stressed. Whether the problems surface at work or at home, the tactics and skills attendees will learn will permeate all areas of their life. The benefits are far-reaching and profound. It is generational as well…our children take on these problems as they grow up, so learning the skills of simplification will benefit not only the person attending, but those in their lives, as well.

Sharing experiences and expertise from the past three decades of working in the Organizing and Efficiency field, as well the ADHD arena, is an absolute joy for me. I have so much to share and plan to spend the next decade, or two, doing just that!

I bring energy and passion to the conference stage, or office environment, in order to inspire and motivate those I am helping to educate. 

The presentations I offer are listed below and you can download my One Sheet

for more information on them. Each can be customized to your specific audience. Most range from 45-55 minutes and can be a keynote or breakout session. 

With humor, sound ideas, plus tried & true techniques, I impart advice and ideas that give each attendee real ‘take-aways’. If you want your group, organization, or company to walk away with something that can take them to the next level of productivity, happiness, and balance ---bring me in and see why the people below have had such a positive response.

"I took your Time Management class at Santa Barbara City College a few weeks back and wanted to let you know how much what you taught has helped me. Everyone in our office is now using WeDo, which is awesome, and suddenly mine is the most organized desk in the office. I used the system you showed us of having folders in files to organize my desk, which used to just be a big stack of confused papers in a drawer to ignore. I listen to classical music in an earbud while I work. It’s remarkable how much easier it is for my scattered brain to get started on things and follow through on them when I take the time to lay it all out for myself. Next step? Figure out how to implement it at home."

~ Kate G.

“I think you are brilliant and what you are doing for College kids inspiring! The information you offered in your talk I think is invaluable to coaches working with college youths and I am grateful for you sharing your expertise.”

~ Donna Hunter, ADHD Parent Power

 “Thank you so much for presenting to our AET group. Although we were few in number, you had an appreciative audience. I loved the practical suggestions and you sharing what you have found to be most effective such as Mozart music, and multi tasking and the importance of creating a safe setting. It was especially wonderful that you allowed time for us to bring forward for discussion our own particularly challenging situations and you sharing your challenging journey with your son.

You are an invaluable resource. 

With great appreciation, 

Deidre Dubin

AET Study Group Leader 

“Juli Shulem is a dynamic presenter with a wealth of experience in productivity coaching for organizational success. Her ideas are fresh, relevant, and immediately applicable. Her work pragmatically addresses the real issues that constrain learners in school and professionals striving for excellence in their field.  Her professionalism and personal warmth combine to help people balance busy lives and prioritize important growth goals. I highly recommend her.”

Theresa Gorey
Learning Specialist, Crane Country Day School, Santa Barbara, CA 

“Whew! Energetic and fun!” - A.I.

“Juli is an exceptional speaker - great info - and has such a positive, cheerful attitude!” - H.M.

“Easy natural interplay with group! Thanks!” - L.M.

“Good focused talk! Excellent ideas!” - R.D.

“When you talk about the nuts and bolts of what you do I feel like I learn so much. Thanks for sharing your expertise!” - B.M.

“Your talk had fabulous energy and organization - that in itself is a testimonial!” - S.T. 

“This was the best workshop! I wish she could come home with me!!!” - J.J. 

“Always precise and helpful. Thought provoking speech. Thank you!” - F.G.  

Where I’ve Had The Pleasure of Speaking…

UCSB Staff Development Day

UCSB Professional Development Conference

Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce

Santa Barbara Leading Lenders Association

Fielding Graduate Institute

Crane Country Day School

Special Education Teacher Association of Santa Barbara

Women’s Economic Ventures

Quilt Guilds of Southern California

Santa Barbara Business Professionals Group

Starr King PTA

Hearts Therapeutic Riding Academy

First Presbyterian Church

SB County Management Association

Santa Barbara City College, Human Resources

Creative Memories Portland Area Keynote speaker

Creative Memories Regional Convention

Creative Memories Nat’l Convention

Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Group

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

Montecito Bank & Trust

Women’s Day Conference

Business & Prof’l Women’s Club of Santa Barbara

South Coast Business Network

Arthur D. Little Inc., Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Board of Realtors

Santa Barbara Business Alliance

Prudential Realty

Cruise Seminar: Sales, Organization & Success

Wedding Photographer’s Int’l Convention

Channel Islands Professional Photographers of America

Certified Massage Therapist Association Gold Coast Chapter


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