Parents of ADHD Children

Parents of ADHD Children Coach Juli Life Management Coach

Hearing that your child has a diagnosis of ADHD can feel like you’re being socked in the stomach. Helpless was how we felt when we learned about our son having ADHD (along with OCD and ODD). We didn’t know what to do next. He was miserable and it affected the entire family. As a parent and an ADHD specialist, I understand the unique position you are in with a child struggling with ADHD. Creating systems that work, understanding how your child thinks, and how to avoid the negative reactions and behaviors is paramount to having a more peaceful home life. Let me help you through this time and coach you through some of the terrain before navigating it becomes more complicated. Working in tandem with a therapist or Psychiatrist is welcomed and I can even provide you with resources to make your journey less stressful and more peaceful.

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