Skype Coaching

Skype Coaching, Coach Juli, Personal and Business Life Coach

Coaching online has become the most effective way to reach people where they are. A large percentage of my clients are not even in my time zone, so I have become a “Coach Without Borders.” Coaching from a distance can be just like having me right next to you, as long as you have an Internet connection and a camera on your computer or device. This method is so effective, I have even designed and organized entire offices across the country that I have never physically been to. Distance no longer prevents you from working with the best coach for you. It’s efficient and wastes less time too! No one needs to get in a vehicle, use up fuel, or waste time traveling – so it saves money and the planet. Hey, you can even be in your pajamas for all I care! The comfort of being in your own home, or in your office allows you to not only maximize your time, but you can have everything you may want at your fingertips available. Online, Phone, or In-Person...I'm always available.