'Stuck' Individuals

'Stuck' Individuals Coach Juli Adult ADHD Coach

Coaching is about working with a person where they are and getting them past their challenges. I have been told I get to the root of a problem and fix it. Since many of my clients struggle with ADHD, or at least feel they have the symptoms of ADHD, I am accustomed to handling more difficult attention, focusing, and time management challenges. It makes no difference if you actually have a diagnosis. I am considered an expert with extensive knowledge in working with a variety of brain differences. Nothing gets in the way of my helping a person who desires change.

Sometimes a client realizes that they simply didn’t have the tools to manage their life properly. Perhaps you developed bad patterns or habits that need a ‘reframe’ or to learn techniques to get beyond areas of being stuck. If you are struggling with any aspect of productivity, organizing, time management, sequencing, decision-making, and basically getting things done as you desire – coaching can be a huge asset to you. Email for a free consultation to see if coaching is a fit for you.