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'Stuck' Individuals Coach Juli Adult ADHD Coach

I often get asked if someone must have an actual diagnosis of ADHD in order to be coached by me. And the answer is: absolutely not! Coaching is about working with what a person is dealing with, so having a diagnosis is not relevant or necessary to have success with coaching. Sometimes after working together a client may find that they have less issues than they thought – they simply didn’t have the tools to manage their life as they wished. Or perhaps they developed bad patterns or habits that needed a ‘reframe’ and techniques to work through areas of being stuck. I’m not a doctor and you don’t need a diagnosis in order to be coached. So, if you are struggling with any aspect of productivity, organizing, time management, sequencing, decision-making, and basically getting things done as you desire – coaching can be a huge asset to you.

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You take my abstract problems and come back with concrete solutions
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