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Your Life Productive…FINALLY! Has been created just for YOU!

Juli Shulem, CPC, PCC, M.S.

This program is designed for the person who has been telling themselves (for far too long) that they need to get organized and get their life on track – for the first time, or again. I have produced this program from my over three decades of consulting, coaching, and training. Thousands of people have used my system and have flourished as a result.

While each Module is crafted to stand alone –the program is designed as a series as modules build on one another. Every module tackles a specific area that most people struggle with. I have put all that I have spoken, coached, and trained about for my entire career to date into a concise and easy-to-implement format so that despite having little knowledge of a concept. So, this program is easy to follow.

Once you download a module you may watch it over and over so that you can absorb and learn each of the steps and concepts. I’m aiming for your mastery – not just awareness. The only thing keeping you from acquiring any of these skills I am teaching is your decision and commitment to doing so.

This program is revolutionary and has been 25 years in the making.

It has evolved with technology and is relevant now. The basic premise is that as human beings we haven’t changed that drastically in the past couple of decades with regard to how we spend out time, live our lives, and what we find valuable and meaningful. So, if you value time spent with family and friends, if you want better equilibrium between your work life and personal life, if you want more joy in your days, and want to be a productive member of society – whether that be with your career or vision of life – Do THIS!

Commit to these modules because they will take the concepts down to the basic components of life. Everything is relevant. Everything is doable. Everything is important.

What Is Included In The Modules

  • #1
    Banishing Paper Pile-up

    Papers. Papers. Papers. They haunt us. They surround us. They seem to multiply while we sleep. I will take you on a journey to banish the paper pile-up issue once-and-for-all. Learn not just why (you already know that) but HOW to clear out papers. What should you keep? What should you throw away? How do you know??? If you avoid going to the mailbox because you don’t want to deal with yet again, more paper, then you will love the tips and tools for dealing with paper. This module targets just about every kind of paper item you may have from newspapers and magazines, to bills, legal documents, and receipts. Watch to learn the 6 steps to make this problem go away - for good!

  • #2
    Conquering Clutter 

    Overwhelm. Stress. Anxiety. Embarrassment. Lost items. Lost money. If any of these terms apply to you due to being disorganized and having clutter – start with this module today. I will give you tried-and-true techniques to go through your clutter in a way that makes the decision process simple and direct. Not sure when to keep something versus throw it out (or give it away)??? This module will solve that issue. I will take you from how to organize a drawer to purging an entire office or house. There are enough ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to give you encouragement and direction – and most of all…hope.

  • #3
    Fabulous Filing Systems 

    Nobody has ever told me they love filing – but we all have paper in our lives and keeping it contained in a way that makes sense is important. If you have ever lost an necessary document or note because you didn’t have a system for keeping track of it, you won’t have that problem after this module. I take you on a deep dive into organizing your papers and setting up a system that has stood the test of time (decades, seriously) and make it (dare I say) fun and easy to achieve. You will learn everything from the size file drawers you need to what supplies to acquire before setting up your system. And it will be much easier than you think! Imagine being able to locate exactly the paper you are seeking in less than 10 seconds! This is what Fabulous Filing Systems will help you to do! And even better – you will be able to put it away in even less time! Oh, and as a bonus – I even show you how to organize your computer files too! You’re welcome.

  • #4
    Clever Calendaring 

    What is the point of using a calendar anyway??? In this module you will be able to clearly answer this question and make using a calendar a part of your life. This module discusses the benefits of a digital calendar and how to utilize it properly. You will see exactly how to schedule properly using calendar programs and learning to create balance in your life. Rituals and routines are also addressed to add structure and boundaries to your days. You will even learn how spontaneity can be achieved while being organized and effective all while using your calendar.

  • #5
    Task Management 

    (I didn’t say TIME Mgmt – and during this module you will understand why!)

    This module will guide you step-by-step to help you manage tasks. Which is basically everything we do every day, every week, and let’s face it --- every waking moment of our lives. You will soon understand the value of time, how to manage your life around time, and put ‘much needed’ structure into your life. Learn how to determine your goals so you can determine your priorities – and consequently make better decisions about what you should do AND faster & easier than ever before. This module will teach you the right way versus the wrong way to make lists - and you will effortlessly learn the ‘nuts & bolts’ of how to use a system. You will also know how to manage changes and interruptions -because those happen all the time! You will come away with an understanding of prioritization, sequencing, and how to balance all the tasks you have in your life. Would you like to know how to ward off procrastination? When I teach you the difference between a project and a task you will. This module will also dive into the pros & cons of digital and paper based systems. This is the most comprehensive task management course you will find.

This is How To Live Life FULLY: 101!

BONUS: If you register and begin your program NOW you will receive a one-on-one virtual real time coaching session with me – Coach Juli Shulem – valued at $245 for FREE to make sure you make this all happen.

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