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The beauty of coaching is having someone who is empowering, motivating, and non-judgmental in your court while educating and guiding you through your issues. The process is unique and works for many different reasons. Having a coach in your life can speed up the process of obtaining what you want and help make the journey of getting there easier. As your coach, I help you clarify what you really want and help you move forward to obtain it. And as your coach, I help hold you accountable during the process. If there is something you have been striving for and haven’t made it happen yet, then coaching may be the magic ticket. We all have ways in which we hold ourselves back, essentially sabotaging our success. Coaching can help you push past those places where you have been stuck and help you to get where you want to go.

Who I Coach...


Who I Coach Executives/C-Suite

You are part of the C-suite, founder or owner of your company, or you are the Supervisor or Project Manager of a team. You are it. You are at the top. And there is no one you can truly speak to about challenges, work difficulties, or performance concerns without a potential problem ensuing. 



Who I Coach Organizations

Your company is growing, but your people need structure, balance, and leadership. Are members of your team missing deadlines; walking around stressed and frustrated; running ineffective meetings; and failing to make concrete decisions? Do you want to offer your employees a way to tap into their power and become the productive person you both know they can be? 



Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs

Who I Coach Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs

Entrepreneurs, and particularly Solopreneurs, often go it alone. It is difficult not having a safe and knowledgeable person to work through a decision, handle staff problems, and navigate difficult business complications. It can be overwhelming and quite frankly; lonely. 


'Stuck' Individuals

Who I Coach "Stuck" Individuals

Coaching is about working with a person where they are and getting them past their challenges. I have been told I get to the root of a problem and fix it. Since many of my clients struggle with ADHD, or at least feel they have the symptoms of ADHD, I am accustomed to handling more difficult attention, focusing, and time management challenges.



College Students

Who I Coach College Students

My feeling - and experience - is this: If you can learn the proper tools to succeed while in college, you stand a greater chance for success in your future career and overall life. College is difficult. If you are one of the many students struggling with time management, organization, scheduling, and staying on task - Coaching during this major change in your life can be a pivotal experience.


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